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New name, new structure - Ferrotec Holdings Corporation

On April 1, 2017, Ferrotec Corporation changed its name to Ferrotec Holdings Corporation and shifted to a holding company structure.

The holding company will be responsible for management, administration, and R&D across the Ferrotec group, while Ferrotec Corporation will be the operating company responsible for areas such as customer support, sales, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

The aim of adopting a holding company structure is to build the base for achieving the ideal shape and long-term vision of the Ferrotec Group as it seeks continued growth and development in a globalizing business environment. It also aims to strengthen group strategic functions and corporate governance, while delivering enhanced group synergies.

The Ferrotec Group will continue to contribute to society as a manufacturer, and a company whose progress brings joy to its customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, the community, and all of its stakeholders.

We appreciate your ongoing support into the future.

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Akira Yamamura Founder and CEO

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