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About Ferrotec Holdings

Corporate Information

Directors and Executive Officers

Post Name Responsibility, Concurrent post
Directors Akira Yamamura Representative Director, Chairman
He Xian Han Representative Director, President,
Group CEO
Takeru Yamamura Representative Director, Vice President,
Executive Officer, Administration
Hiroo Wakaki Director, Executive Officer,
Corporate Planning
Takanori Suzuki Director, Executive Officer,
Finance & Accounting, Planning
Eiji Miyanaga Director, US Business
Kuniaki Yanagisawa Outside Director, Independent Officer
Tatsuo Okada Outside Director, Independent Officer
Iku Shimooka Outside Director, Independent Officer
Auditors Takamasa Higuchi Full-time Outside Auditor, Independent Officer
Go Fujimoto Outside Auditor, Independent Officer
Masaru Yoshida Auditor
Executive Officer Miyoko Namiki Executive Officer,
General Manager, Business Administration Office
Akihiro Sato Executive Officer,
General Manager, President Officer
Seiji Kurihara Executive Officer,
General Manager, R&D Office
Junichiro Oishi Executive Officer,
General Manager, Manufacturing Office
Akira Takeda Executive Officer,
General Manager, Finance & Accounting Office