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IR Information

Disclosure policy

IR disclosure guidelines

Disclosure policy

In order to provide timely, appropriate, and fair information to shareholders and investors in accordance with the note to ″the Article 27-36 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act” (Fair Disclosure Rules Guideline), the company will proactively and promptly disclose information required to be disclosed under the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market timely disclosure regulations, and other material information, as well as useful information to broaden public knowledge about the company.

Disclosure methods

Disclosure of information that falls under the timely disclosure regulations is made in accordance with those regulations. The details are first explained to the exchange, and then the information is made public via the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure information system, TDnet

nformation published via TDnet is uploaded to the company website promptly after it is released to the media. It is also company policy to disclose other information not falling under the timely disclosure requirements appropriately and fairly in the spirit of timely disclosure and in a suitable manner.

Restrictions on information disclosure

To avoid any leaking of financial results, and ensure fair information disclosure, the company does not respond to comments and questions about its financial results from the day after the closing date of its consolidated accounts each quarter to the time they are made public. However, if there is a likelihood that earnings will differ significantly from the forecast, disclosure will be made in accordance with the Securities Listing Regulations.

Cases of non-disclosure

The company may decline to respond to inquiries relating to certain information on the basis of a need to protect its competitive position or of non-disclosure agreement obligations.

Forward-looking statements

As with earnings forecasts submitted to JASDAQ, the company may include forward-looking statements in materials it issues or on its website. In each case, these statements are not historical facts, but forecasts of the future based on specific assumptions and company projections derived from information available at the time.

These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ from them. You are cautioned not to rely entirely on these forward-looking statements.