About Ferrotec Holdings

Chairman’s Message

The Future by Ferrotec

I think this company’s background is a rather unique one. We were established in Japan as a subsidiary of an American company in 1980, and became independent seven years later in 1987. We built a domestic factory and expanded into China in 1992. We took the company public in 1996, keeping that momentum through 1999 when we acquired our NASDAQ listed former parent company via a friendly take over bid. Twelve years had passed since becoming independent. The parent-child relationship had reversed, but by becoming ‘’Ferrotec Group’’ once again, we were able to achieve dramatic growth. From April 2017, our company was renamed ”Ferrotec Holdings Corporation”, and shifted to a holding company structure. The sources of growth were applications of the company’s core ferrofluid technologies, born from the Apollo Space program, and the topic of my master’s thesis, thermoelectric modules. Since that time, our offering has expanded and our portfolio has diversified. Ferrotec products are currently being utilized in a wide range of fields, such as, the electronics and automobile industries, household appliances, medical equipment, and photovoltaics. We will continue to strive to supply products that contribute to the society while being a company that helps to make the world a better place, a company that cares for the environment, and a company that continues to grow.

Founder & Honorary Chairman
Akira Yamamura