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Initiatives for SDGs (sustainable) management

Based on the corporate philosophy, on the premise of
“Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs),”
our company will strengthen our efforts for Environment,
Society and Governance (ESG).

Corporate Philosophy

Satisfaction to our Customers Earth Friendly and Environmentally Conscious Dreams and Vitality to our Society
Our company will resonate with customer sustainability management philosophy and social contribution policy, and play a part in achieving this through our company’s products and services. Our company will actively promote activities that take into consideration the global environment and contribute to solving global environmental problems through our company’s products. Our company will contribute to society in the field of manufacturing utilizing our core technology. We will also aim to be a growing company trusted by all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities.

Materiality of SDGs identified by our company

EEnvironment Considering environmental pollution and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions ○ Contribution to environmental measures through product supply
○ Response to environmental measures in business activities
(ISO14001/ Eco action 21)
SSociety Using core technology and contributing to maintaining and improving the health of all people ○ DNA/ Blood analysis through thermoelectric module. Contribution to the medical/health field such as In Vitro Diagnostics through ferrofluid
Contributing to technological innovation and infrastructure development related to semiconductors and automobiles through the supply of materials in the high-tech field ○ Contributing to the development of digital infrastructure utilizing IoT, AI, etc. through material products and silicon wafers. Corresponding to the technological innovation of cars such as EV and autonomous driving
Utilization and development of diverse human resources ○ Creating a lively work environment
Improve employee engagement ○ Securing excellent human resources and supporting career development
GGovernance Compliance and strengthening risk management ○ Compliance with laws and regulations, thorough dissemination of whistleblowing contacts, and risk management for emergencies
Active disclosure to stakeholders ○ Disclosure of mid-/long-term management strategy (Continuation)
○ Board of Directors Effectiveness Evaluation and Improvement Business Execution

Our company will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society
and realize sustainable growth as a company by respecting all stakeholders who support our company and facilitating coexistence.

【G】Main stakeholders who support Ferrotec Holdings

Stakeholder Overview
Customer Our company has customers in various fields such as semiconductors, electronics, automobiles, medical care, and energy all over the world.
Regional Society Our company is coexisting with each region and society in the world and expanding our business globally.
Investor Our company is developing our business with the support of investors such as individual investors, domestic and overseas institutional investors, financial institutions, trust banks, stock companies, etc.
Business Partners/Suppliers Our company is developing business activity by connecting with suppliers and business partners around the world and facilitating coexistence.
Employee Our company has more than 7,000 employees on a consolidated basis.

【E】Contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
in consideration of environmental pollution

Contribution through our company’s products
  • ● Temperature control in each field by the “Thermoelectric module” that does not use CFCs
  • ● Contribution to power consumption reduction through “Power Electronic Substrates”
  • ● Reduction of power consumption in audio speakers using “Ferrofluid”
Contribution through our company’s business activities
  • ● Power generation with clean energy using solar panels (Chiba plant, Chinese subsidiary)
  • ● Reduction of industrial waste based on ISO14001 certification, reduction of logistics materials (Chiba plant, Chinese subsidiary)
  • ● Ministry of the Environment “Eco Action 21” certification-based reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reduction and reuse of industrial water drainage and compliance with chemical substance management (Ishikawa plant, Kansai plant, Ishikawa development center)