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About Ferrotec Holdings

Group Companies


Ferrotec Europe GmbH Frankfurt Sales Branch

THE SQUAIRE, Am Flughafen, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
HQ/Sales Office

Ferrotec Europe GmbH

Seerosenstrasse 1 72669 Unterensingen, Germany
Plant/Sales Office

Ferrotec Power Semiconductor GmbH

Seerosenstrasse 1 72669 Unterensingen, Germany
Sales Office
  • +49 7022 9270 0
  • Map

Ferrotec S.R.L.

Centro Direzionale Colleoni Palazzo Cassiopea 3 Via Paracelso 26 20864 Agrate Brianza (MB), Italy
Sales Office

Ferrotec Nord Corporation

3, Peschany carier, Moscow 109383, Russia
HQ/Plant/Sales Office

RMT Ltd.,

46 Warshavskoe shosse. Moscow 115230, Russia
HQ/Plant/Sales Office