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Handling Policy of Specific Personal Information

Ferrotec Holdings Corporation (hereinafter called “Our company”) will establish a specific personal information protection policy to protect the rights of information subjects and comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information as a social responsibility for its protection, recognize the importance of specific personal information and inform officers, employees, and other workers.

1. Compliance with Relevant Laws, Guidelines, etc.

Our company will comply with the Laws and Regulations Concerning Specific Personal Information, etc., “Guidelines for businesses” formulated by the Specific Personal Information Protection Commission, and other related laws and regulations.

2. Matters Concerning Security Control Measures

Our company will take security control measures necessary and appropriate for the management of specific personal information such as unauthorized access to specific personal information, the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage. And when having an employee handle specific personal information, etc., our company will provide necessary and appropriate supervision so that safety control measures for specific personal information can be taken appropriately.
Specific personal information acquired will not be provided to third parties except as stipulated by the Number Law.

3. Acquisition, Storage, Use, Provision, and Disposal of Specific Personal Information, etc.

Our company will formulate handling regulations that define the concrete handling of Specific Personal Information, etc., and appropriately perform acquisition, storage, use, and provision or disposal of specific personal information, etc. in accordance with such provisions.

4. Continuous Improvement of Internal Rules

Our company will continue to improve the Basic Policy and Internal Regulations, etc., so that specific personal information can be used effectively.

5. Contact Point for Questions and Complaints

Please contact the following contact points for any questions and claims regarding the appropriate handling of specific personal information at our company.

  • Contact point:General Affairs and Legal Office, Ferrotec Holdings Corporation
  • Phone Number:03-3281-8808 (main number)
  • E-mail address:houmu@ferrotec.co.jp

This policy will be made known to all employees. We will strive to educate and enlighten our employees, and improve awareness for the protection of specific personal information.

Established on September 26, 2017