Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

Takeru Yamamura

In charge of Management Control, Europe and Asia Business
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Ferrotec Holdings Corporation
2-3-4, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Ferrotec Holdings Corporation deeply recognizes that the proper protection of personal information is a serious social responsibility as well as an essential requirement to earn the trust of society and promote corporate activities, and establishes the following action guidelines to develop the securement of proper personal information handling as an organization based on the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter called the “Personal Information Protection Law”).

1.Act on the Protection of Personal Information

  • (1)Basic policy

    Ferrotec Holdings Corporation (hereinafter called “Our company”) deeply recognizes that personal information is important information that constitutes privacy, respects individual rights and interests, and will respond to the trust and expectations of our company as well as our social responsibility when handling personal information in business activities through compliance with laws concerning personal information and company rules established for personal information protection by all officers and employees.

  • (2)Handling of personal information

    1. Acquisition of personal information

      Our company discloses (publication by this guideline included) the purpose of use when acquiring personal information, and will acquire personal information after obtaining the consent of the individual in principle when acquiring personal information directly from said person.

    2. Use of personal information

      Our company will use personal information appropriately within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

    3. Disclosure/ provision of personal information to third parties

      Our company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties except when consent is obtained from the individual or when a request is received from an administrative agency judicial body according to law or permitted by a law. Also, when disclosing or providing personal data held to a third party, our company will make a deal with the third party regarding personal data protection and will make every effort to protect personal information.

    4. Safety measures for personal information

      Our company will establish company regulations as well as take reasonable safety measures to protect personal information obtained from the individual against leakage, destruction, tampering, and unauthorized access.

    5. Inquiries from the person regarding personal information

      Our company will establish a point of contact to respond to inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. Also, our company will take necessary measures within a reasonable range regarding personal information managed by our company from the person himself/herself when requests for confirmation, correction, update, deletion, and suspension of use of content are received.

2.Matters Concerning Publication of the Use Purpose of Personal Information

Our company will use personal information necessary for business execution to the extent necessary to achieve the following operations and use purposes.

  • (1)Business content

    To control and manage the company’s line of business activities by holding shares or equity of domestic and foreign companies, we will engage in the following businesses and related businesses:

    1. 1)Development, manufacturing, sales, and import/export of products based on or applied to ferrofluid and magnetic fluid technologies
    2. 2)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export and repair of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, vacuum equipment, and their parts
    3. 3)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of thermoelectric elements, semiconductor materials, their parts, and applied products
    4. 4)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of computers, computer peripherals and their parts, and development, sales, import/export of computer software
    5. 5)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of electrical equipment parts and electronic equipment parts
    6. 6)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of plating process and plating solution, electrode, electronic substrate, etc.
    7. 7)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of measuring instruments, weighing instruments, analytical instruments, and their parts
    8. 8)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of cutting equipment, cleaning equipment and their parts
    9. 9)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of medical equipment/equipment/materials
    10. 10)Development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of food manufacturing machinery, equipment, and parts
    11. 11)Providing the assistance and services of technology and engineering related to the businesses of the preceding items
    12. 12)Other operations stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation and incidental operations
  • (2)Use purpose

    • Personal information about customers and business partners (In the case of a corporate customer, its officers, and employees)

      1. 1)To conduct the promotion of various services, sales, and service guidance of products by our company or group enterprise (including affiliated companies, the same shall apply hereinafter) and affiliated companies (including purchased products, etc.).
      2. 2)To confirm your identity
      3. 3)To conduct execution of a contract and to carry out administrative work necessary for business (including clerical work related to sales, purchases, and payment collection/payment)
      4. 4)To conduct development/ commercialization and service of new products and conduct marketing activities for services
      5. 5)For response to inquiries about our company and group companies, etc., confirmation and recording
    • Personal information about shareholders (if the shareholder is a corporation, its officers, and employees)

      1. 1)To exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on the Company Act
      2. 2)To provide various conveniences to the shareholder’s positions from the issuing company
      3. 3)To implement various measures to facilitate smooth mutual relations from the perspective of society and members even between shareholders and the company.
      4. 4)For shareholder management such as creating shareholder data based on prescribed standards by various laws and regulations
    • Personal information about applicants for recruiting activity

      1. 1)Contacting and providing information to applicants for recruiting activities, other uses necessary for recruiting activities/selection
    • Personal information related to employees, etc. (All persons engaged in our business and those who have been engaged in them in the past such as officers and employees)

      1. 1)Business contact for all employees
      2. 2)Compensation payment to all employees (wages, bonuses, allowances, stock acquisition right, restricted stock Unit, etc.), performance of personnel/ labor management, and providing benefits

3.Shared Use

Our company may share personal information for the following purposes:

  • (1)Items of personal information to be jointly used

    Name, address, phone number, E-mail address, age, gender, work history, passport number, nationality, affiliated organization name, images/ video of facial and physical appearance for the individual

  • (2)Scope of joint users

    Our group companies in Japan

  • (3)Purpose of shared use

    Within the scope of the above purpose of use “2. Matters concerning publication of the purpose of use of personal information” [“② Personal information related to shareholders (If the shareholder is a corporation, its officers, and employees) is excluded]

  • (4)Person responsible for shared personal data

    Our company shall be responsible for personal data to be jointly used. Our company address and representative are as stated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.

4. Provision of Retained Personal Data to Third Parties

Our company appropriately manages personal data in our possession and will not provide it to third parties without the customer’s prior consent. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • (1)When prior consent is obtained from customers, etc.
  • (2)When disclosing information to the extent deemed necessary in carrying out the purpose clearly stated to customers for subcontractors with which the Company has concluded non-disclosure agreements or business partners (including our group companies)
  • (3)When personal data is provided to successors accompanying business succession due to merger or other reasons and used within the scope of achieving the use purpose
  • (4)When required by law
  • (5)When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and difficult to obtain the consent of the customer, etc.
  • (6)When providing to persons in the scope of joint users listed above

5. Change of the Use Purpose of Personal Information

Our company will notify customers of the reason for the change of use or publish when changing the purpose of use.

6. Matters Concerning Security Control Measures

Our company will take necessary and appropriate safety control measures for its management for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage of personal data. In addition, our company will provide necessary and appropriate supervision for employees or contractors (including subcontractors, etc.) that handle personal data.

  • (1)Security control measures for information on the website

    Although our company shall conform to the above contents for the handling of personal information collected through the website or registered by a customer basically, personal information shall be handled according to the following matters in particular:

    1. Security control measures on the website

      Our company will manage and control personal information under a strict management system and will make every effort to strengthen security so that customer’s information will not be lost, destroyed, tampered with, and to prevent leakage to third parties.

    2. Use purpose of information on the website

      Some services that require you to register your personal information are contained in our company’s website. If the details of the use purpose of registered personal information are specified on the site, the contents shall be applied with priority.

    3. Cookies

      On our company website, a technology called “Cookies” may be used to make it even more convenient for customers when they access the web again. “Cookies” are an industry standard technology whereby a web server identifies your computer. “Cookies” can identify a customer’s computer but they cannot identify you unless you enter your personal information.

      ※Disabling cookies
      Customers can disable Cookies by changing the customer’s browser settings. However, some website features of our company may not be available if Cookies are disabled.

    4. Collection of access information

      Our company uses access analysis tools by Cookies and “Google Analytics” by Google to collect access statistics. Our company is using Cookies provided by Google Analytics but does not collect information that identifies you personally.

      * Refer “Here” for the details of Google Analytics.

      * Refer “Here” for the details of Data Use by Google.

    5. Advertisement delivery

      Our company is serving ads based on the past access information of the website.
      Our company places online advertisements on the Internet by an Ad distribution service provider such as Google or Yahoo! consociated by our company.

    6. Provision of functions to enhance customer convenience

      Functions that meet the needs of our customers are provided from the browsing history.

7. Request of Personal Information Disclosure, etc.

Our company will respond promptly after confirming your identity by the prescribed procedures when there are requests for inquiries of correction, suspension of use, or deletion about the personal information. Please contact the inquiry desk in “8” below if you have any questions or when rights regarding this Privacy Policy are exercised.

8. Matters Concerning Inquiries

Inquiries about personal information from customers are accepted at the following desk:

“Personal Information” Inquiry Desk
General Affairs and Legal Office
Ferrotec Holdings Corporation
5F, Nihonbashi Plaza Building, Nihonbashi 2-3-4, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 〒103-0027
Phone: 03-3281-8808 (main number)

Revised February 28, 2023