Social initiatives

Human resources development (1)

Ferrotec Holdings
  • ・Started discussions between young employees and top management as part of human resources development (Started in April 2018. Members are selected from the entire group. To be held once per month hereafter)

Human resources development (2)

Ferrotec Material Technologies Ishikawa Plant
  • ・Visualization of training plans for new, young, and mid-level employees
  • ・Improvement of the entire plant through providing tours of other workplaces and promoting multi-skill development
Plan for fiscal 2020: Support of development and implementation of training plans

① Support of implementation of training plans for each workplace
・Support of development of training items and training system based on the training plans of each workplace
・Promotion of visualization of training plans, continuation of coaching via Q diagnosis
・Matching with other workplaces related to training for each workplace (to be added)

② Raising of skill levels throughout the entire plant
・Continuation of planning and implementation of general training on required common knowledge in the plant for essentially everyone in the plant
・Provision of tours of other workplaces to those who are interested (to be added)

Workstyle reform

Asahi Seisakusho
  • ・Introduction and implementation of a minute-by-minute overtime control system
    (introduced in fiscal 2014 ahead of all others)
  • ・Parenting support: Introduction of a reduced schedule system to support diversified workstyles of employees

Social contribution (1)

Akira Yamamura Scholarship Foundation
  • ●Akira Yamamura Scholarship Foundation
    Objective: To provide scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in engineering courses who have excellent academic records but who, for financial reasons, are unable to pay for their studies, thereby contributing to the development of talented individuals who can contribute to society in the future.

Social contribution (2)

Ferrotec Holdings
  • ・Scholarship program for Anaheim University
  • ・Applicable courses : 

    MBA in International Business
    MBA in Sustainable Management
    Master of Entrepreneurship

  • ・Intended for those who have interests in Ferrotec’s business and philosophy and are entrepreneurial and strongly motivated to reach self-fulfillment (not limited to specific areas)

Social contribution (3)

Hangzhou Dahe Thermo-Magnetic Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • ・Scholarship program for Zhejiang University (China)
  • ・Endowed scholarship funds for the third time in 2008, following 2000 and 2002
  • ・Deeply entrenched in the local community for close cooperation in human resources development and industrial partnership

Community contribution

Asahi Seisakusho
  • ・Working toward smooth communication with local residents by participating in the “Committee for Improvement of the Environment of Nakai” in Kanagawa Prefecture and hosting networking events with the residents’ association at the Shonan plant (e.g. responding to the residents’ requests for environmental improvement, etc.)
  • ・President Miyao and all employees clean inside and outside the premises of the Shonan plant every morning at the start of a workday at 9 a.m. (good communication is maintained with local residents, who greet us)