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IR and Shareholder Related Inquiries

At first, please see our FAQs related to IR and shareholders.

Requests and Notes Regarding Inquiries (Emails and Phone Calls)

  • ●Depending on the nature of your inquiry, we may not be able to reply to you.
  • ●Please note that our IR team declines to respond to inquiries (by email or by phone) regarding matters that fall into any of the categories (1) to (4) below.

(1) Inquiries related to information that may fall under “Material Facts” pursuant to Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (e.g. measures to bolster stock market prices, information regarding dividend distribution and shareholder returns, etc.)

(2) Inquiries about non-public information (e.g. business performance trends, future prospects/outlook, etc.)

(3) Inquiries about price trends in the stock market (e.g. stock movements, technical analysis, stock transaction information, etc.)
* We decline to answer inquiries about stock movements of the company or non-public measures to bolster stock market prices in the future individually by email or by phone.

(4) Defamatory messages (e.g. gratuitous insults, baseless defamation, etc.)

  • ● Emails (and phone calls) we send out as replies to inquiries from shareholders and investors are personalized messages. Please do not reprint or make secondary use of such messages in whole or in part (or post them on SNS websites or message boards of stock-related websites).
  • ● Please note that we do not accept any questionnaires or soliciting inquiries for sales purposes.